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r.e.m. beauty is the makeup collection of dreams

Right this way for my full thoughts and review on the brand's debut launch, chapter 01_ultraviolet.

Can I just say — I haven't felt the hype and imminent order-anxiety for any brand launch since perhaps the early days of Kylie Cosmetics.

You know — that feeling of butterflies when you set your alarms, schedule your day around those few moments, sit by your computer waiting as the clock goes down, and frantically add your long list of products to the cart?

Ariana Grande's r.e.m. beauty is truly one of the dreamiest collections I've snagged in a while, and with the most products launched at once I think I've ever seen from a brand. From lashes, to plumping lip gloss, to shadow palettes, to glitter eye toppers — I truly found myself wanting absolutely any and everything she teased ahead of the anticipated November launch. And while I ordered within seconds of the site going live, I'm happy to report that there are still so many products in stock. Whew.

Here's what I ended up ordering —

the first look

Photos hardly do r.e.m. justice. Smooth, demi-matte silver, and with some luxurious weight, the look and feel of these products are incredibly high quality, with unique, recognizable branding. Magnetic closures on the lipsticks, palettes, and highlighters add a satisfying feeling, and you can tell that a lot of thought was put into everything in the space-inspired collection. Further, I am so grateful to queen Ari for creating a range with reasonable prices, making it extremely accessible to any beauty lover.

the formula

Fluffy and natural, these lashes create such a fluttering, whimsical look, without weighing down your eyes. Light as air, I love how this set is actually a bit denser towards the outer two-thirds of the strip, creating a sexy, catlike eye just like magic.

Say hello to your new favorite everyday palette. Compact and with an easy-to-use color story, Babydoll is the perfect product for those natural looks at any time of the year. Although the shimmers are more like a subtle sheen, the shades are buildable and blend like a dream. While I do have a lot of similar neutral palettes, this one sets itself apart as it's perfect for travel.

Pink-champagne with iridescent, light blue flecks, Fembot is different than any shadow I own, yet somehow extremely wearable. Sheer this shade out with a blending brush on the lid for an allover, soft glitter look, or use your finger to pack on the product for that metallic, highly-pigmented effect. Tip: keep your eyes closed and allow the product to dry before blinking as it can crease a bit while still wet.

Non-clumping, easy to apply, and housed in a chic, angular tube, the Flourishing Volumizing Mascara features a fluffy wand that easily coats lashes. While I personally find that a bunch of (slightly cheaper) drugstore brands perform just as well as this one, it does do exactly what it says it will which I appreciate in any product.

Speechless. Truly speechless. As someone who is not the biggest highlighter user (as I love my skin to look like real, glowing skin), I am here to report that this formula is simply to die for. Perfectly dewy and adding that glowing from within 'wet' look to the skin, Miss Mercury is a stunningly universal champagne hue, effortlessly glides on skin, adding such healthy dimension to your complexion. If you buy anything from the collection, it's this. Tip: for a soft, dewy glow on the high points of your cheeks and temples, apply with a big fluffy brush. For a more precise, blinding glow (on the tip of your nose, inner eye corners, underneath the brow bone), use a tiny dense brush.

While this color isn't quite as everyday as it's champagne counterpart, Miss Mercury, Miss Neptune offers the same dewy formula that has an otherworldly, ethereal effect on skin. While I plan on chiefly using this lovely lavender shade on my eyes, it truly is a color that adds something exciting and new to my makeup kit.

Soft as cashmere and stunningly creamy, Tiramisu is a sultry nude shade with romantic pink undertones. The formula is matte, incredibly long-lasting, and wears so beautifully on the lips without ever feeling drying, and I truly love how faint, yet delectable, the subtle scent of vanilla cupcakes is. Love love love and totally worth it.

Non-sticky, satisfyingly tingly, and with the same soft vanilla cupcake smell, Utmost Importance is a gorgeous gloss that not only enhances your natural, bare lips, but adds glamorous shine to any lip look. While the packaging isn't quite as high-end as the other products in the range, it does have that 90s / y2k nostalgia that is playful.

the vibe

What I love most about r.e.m. beauty so far, is how truly wearable it is. While there are colors and textures that can allow your creativity to run wild (like the startlingly beautiful, shimmering lavender Miss Neptune Highlighter, for example), most of her products thus far are timeless, buildable, and can be used for that everyday glam —

or in other words: it's not one of those collections that is simply a collectible, catching dust in your makeup drawer.

In my opinion, the absolute must-haves and standouts of the collection would be the Miss Mercury Interstellar Highlighter Topper, the Tiramisu On Your Collar Matte Lipstick, and the Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss. They are effortlessly chic and truly will stand the test of time (and fickle trends).

While I also think that the Babydoll Eyeshadow Palette's color story is a must-have, I do know that just about every makeup lover has a neutral eyeshadow palette in their collection — so if you have one you love, you can skip this purchase — unless you'd like a more travel-friendly compact like this one with all of your nude essentials.

What are you most excited about in r.e.m.'s first launch?

Personally, I can't wait for chapter 02...



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