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merit's new signature lipstick — clean, vegan, cruelty-free

...and officially launching today!

You've likely seen Merit — either strolling through Sephora or scrolling through TikTok — and for good reason. Known for their minimalist approach to beauty, their products are all formulated with clean ingredients, are of course vegan / cruelty-free, and are meant to enhance your natural beauty with products that are multi-purpose and aesthetically pleasing.

Ahead of their Signature Lip launch, I was lucky enough to be gifted a few of their products to try, including the lipstick in the pinkish-nude shade Baby, pictured above. Here are my thoughts.

the first look

Upon opening my package, I was surprised to see an adorable marigold makeup bag with a chic corduroy texture in lieu of the typical bubble wrap and tissue paper one might find. Big enough to store some of your everyday faves, I was pleased to discover that all first orders from Merit receive their products housed in this free gift — which is quite rare in the beauty world, these days.

Made from 30% recyclable materials, the lipstick's packaging most definitely feels luxe, with a sheer copper case and smooth gold bullet. Though the product itself has no fragrance (which I personally tend to like), it acts as a nice reminder that their range is completely clean and free of unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful.

the formula

Lightweight, buildable, and with a subtle satin sheen, the lipstick formula definitely feels hydrating and soft on my lips. While it isn't the most powerfully pigmented lipstick I've tried, it is definitely a beautiful, everyday nude hue that is perfect for those no-makeup makeup looks. In other words, it's not quite a favorite that is going to replace my ride or dies, but it is a pretty shade that feels comfortably 'barely there,' will complement those simple, everyday looks, and will absolutely be kept in my purse for midday touch-ups (especially throughout the warmer summer months, when you want to feel light and airy).

the vibe

If minimal is your motto, Merit is the most definitely the brand for you.



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