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we will always have paris

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of exploring the streets of Paris. Of roaming the gilded halls of Marie Antoinette's once château. Of spending hours people watching from a tiny café, getting lost in the written word, sinking my teeth into a buttery croissant, sipping on a warm café crème. Of watching the tower sparkle at nightfall, hopefully in love.

My husband and I have traveled all over the country and world — Italy, Hawaii, Portugal, California, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, New Orleans, the list goes on — though somehow, we've yet to visit France. A true romantic (and perhaps more of a romantic than myself, which seems hard to believe), we stumbled home after my 30th birthday party to find hundreds of red rose petals surrounding a golden Eiffel Tower in our bedroom, along with a letter he'd written. He said we would be going to Paris only a few months later to celebrate our one year of marriage, and to be honest, it all didn't feel real until we touched down and saw the Eiffel in real life for the first time.

a city of love

It's hard to put into words just how special our trip to Paris was. And since being home, it feels as if we are still with our minds in the clouds, filled with so much light, happiness, and gratitude.

Every second felt like a fairytale, as if we were somehow under the city's rose-colored spell, unable to wake.

Some of our highlights (that I would highly recommend you do, too)?

Sitting at any and every café you can find, sitting next to one another so you can both people watch.

Renting a city bike and riding through the Parisian streets. Especially at night.

Visiting Château de Versailles, staying as long as you'd like.

Taking your time at a gorgeous dinner spot — our favorites were Café de l'Homme for the views, Moloko for the incredible bites and chill vibes, Mamamia for the cocktails and party atmosphere.

Be unafraid to take the Metro, it's not hard at all to master and is a serious money saver.

Museums, of course — Musée d'Orsay being a must-see.

Sunday farmer's markets, trying all of the food that smells delicious as you walk.

Indulge in croissants, bread, and dessert at most meals — the French sure do.

the beauty of paris

Everything about Paris is honestly as beautiful as I had imagined, with cobblestone streets and worn walls that carry with it stories. Memories.

Though, perhaps one of the most interesting things I noticed — on the Metro, while ordering a coffee, walking past women on quiet streets — is just how different the beauty standard is, as opposed to major cities in America, like my native New York.

More often than not, perfectly manicured hands were seemingly replaced by bare nails. Brows were left polished, yet still, a touch unkempt. Complexions weren't caked with coverage, masking freckles and beauty marks. Lashes were left long and strong, sans any mascara. Curly, coily, wavy, undone hair of every texture was embraced. And often, women of all ages seemed strong in their divine feminine energy, unafraid to bare skin or free the nipple (refreshingly without much of any unwanted attention, too).

And honestly? While I may not be breaking up with my straightening iron or foundation just yet, since I've been home, I've allowed my nails and skin to just breathe, and have found myself reminded of just how beautiful my natural hair and more curvy body truly is.


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