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easy fall date night ideas

Looking to spice things up a bit this fall season? Try some of our favorite date night ideas (without breaking the bank).

dinner at the drive-in

Whether or not you have a local drive-in movie theater, my fiancé and I sometimes prefer creating our own backyard "drive-in" for those low-key, easy, and affordable nights. Lay out a bunch of blankets and pillows, make some fresh popcorn, order takeout, and either set up a projector with a big white sheet or watch a movie on your laptop under the night sky. For all the fall vibes with some added scares, opt for a horror film — the sounds of crickets and windblown branches have never sounded so creepy.

vintage lovers

For music aficionados and vinyl collectors alike, this date idea is perfect for you. Take a trip to your local record store (though Target or ordering on Amazon works too), pick a new album you've never heard before, set up some candles, and spend some quality time together listening, dancing, and connecting after a long week of work. We recommend some old-school jazz, like Louis Armstrong or Billie Holiday.

apple of my eye

Nothing quite feels (and smells) like fall like some fresh-baked apple pie. But have you ever made one from scratch? Stop by your local orchard and pick your own apples off the tree, or grab a bag at the supermarket, and challenge yourselves to create a homemade pie together. I'm not the best baker, but it is so satisfying taking that first bite (and even better when you sneak into the kitchen for a late night snack).

leaf your worries behind

Crisp, chilled air, treetops that look aflame, and the smell of rich mulch... Before the cold winter on the east coast comes, find a local trail and enjoy the peaceful, healing energy of fall foliage. Bonus points for turning your phone on airplane mode and truly escaping into nature together.

off-season sunset

If you're lucky enough to live near the coast, one of my favorite date nights is to drive to the beach with blankets, wine, fruit, and cheese, and watch the sunset. In my opinion, the beach is much more beautiful, calm, and relaxing in the off-season, with plenty of empty sand and only a few people around you with the same idea.

for a rainy day

Some of my most precious memories are those rainy days stuck inside together. And while those stormy days are perfect for movie marathons, we love to binge watch with a twist. Take all the blankets and pillows you can find, and create a makeshift, cozy space on the floor. The last time we did this, we watched (nearly) all of the Harry Potter movies without ever leaving our comfy oasis.

that's amore

For a fun date night that ends with delicious bites, grab some fresh dough from your local pizzeria, shop for some sauce, cheese, and toppings, and bake your own homemade pizzas at home. Our favorites? Pepperoni and jalapeños for Z — prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula, and honey for me.

wine connoisseur

Feel like wine tasting on a romantic Italian vineyard, but don't want to leave your warm home? Either buy a bunch of unique wine bottles you've never tried before, or order an at-home tasting kit from one of my favorite companies (and the perfect holiday gift), In Good Taste Wines, and sip through the different flavors and tasting notes together.



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