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unlocking your inner goddess

Tap into your own divine goddess energy within.

As women, we are constantly faced with the weight of comparison, intrusive and deafening negative thoughts, and the sentiment that we are simply not enough as our true, authentic selves. No matter how confident and sure we may be, we all have our moments of self doubt — and as someone who has always been quite strong-willed and boldly me, shamelessly, I am no different.

Throughout adulthood, I've developed tools to push through those low moments, and in short, it always seems to come down to one thing —

we all have goddess energy within us — we just have to learn how to unlock it.

But what does 'goddess energy' mean, exactly?

To me, it means accepting who you are, wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

It means filling your life with love, positive energy, and infectious vitality.

And it means radiating with unique beauty — not only for yourself, but to those lucky enough to be around you.

know thyself, love thyself

Easier said than done, I know... But I suppose the true power in knowing and loving yourself lies within the how.

Firstly, take time for yourself, whatever that time means to you.

Personally, I have kept a journal my entire life, with endless boxes and trunks of books, all overflowing with ink, pressed flowers, letters, polaroids, and my history. For me, journaling is my time to be honest with myself. To let it all out, however I'd like to let it out, and to then let that weight go and live forever in pages, not heavily on my shoulders. Not only do I know myself on a deeper level because of the art of journaling, but I am able to revisit my past with a fresh perspective and a newfound kindness and understanding for the hardships I went through to be who I am now.

Though I do recommend trying to pick up the pen, if journaling doesn't call to you, it's less about the act of writing than it is about the undivided attention you are allowing yourself. Whether it's spent cleansing your spirit in a bubble bath, taking deep breaths while driving your morning commute, or mindfully sipping your coffee as the sun rises — carve out some time to reflect, recharge, and check-in with yourself with honesty and compassion.

the power of nature

In the age of infinite screens and high-rise buildings, the healing power of nature can often be pushed aside in our daily lives and routines. The things we commit to or have to get done are sometimes out of our hands, leaving little time to enjoy the natural world, but we do have the choice to embrace nature in the small ways we can.

Though my ideal way to escape into nature would be to dive into the impossibly blue Mediterranean Sea, feeling the cool, salty water on my bare skin as the heat of the sun wraps around me... that's of course not always a possibility.

Some ideas?

A lunchtime walk between meetings, listening to crisp fall leaves crunch below your feet.

A Sunday picnic date with a loved one.

Feeling the dewy grass on your bare feet.

Growing an indoor garden with your favorite herbs, flowers, and plants.

Driving to the nearest beach (I personally prefer the off-season) and watching the sunset with a glass of wine, of course.

And if that's not possible? Try falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing on your phone, or even finding a virtual forest bathing video to enjoy wherever you may be.


As a former serial dieter who has truly tried every trend and way of eating — I am here to say, it's okay to unlearn those negative, confining, and horribly ineffective ways of living that, in my experience, only bring your energy down. Though I am by no means a nutritionist, I do feel as though I have somewhat figured out what works to feed my inner goddess.

Nourish yourself. Be mindful of what you're eating, and grateful for the food on your plate. Eat with diversity, vibrancy, and a rich color palette in mind. Lean towards foods that have had a life, like leafy greens and naturally sweet fruits. Consume beautiful meals that make you feel all the more beautiful. And know that it's okay to not be perfect. I know for certain I'm not.


Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins.

As a lifelong athlete (and someone who is lucky enough to have a personal trainer as their fiancé), I know the benefits of working out, even if I happen to fall out of my healthy routine.

My thoughts on the matter? Find something you truly love, something that makes working out feel more empowering and less like a chore, and push yourself to stick with it. I promise — pushing your body to move, allowing your muscles to work and burn, and loving your sweaty self truly unveils your immense power within. Whether you are lifting heavy, going on a run (or in my case, walk), taking surfing lessons, or following along with a ballet video, energize your body and your mind.


When I'm feeling like I need a little more vibrancy in my daily life, I truly believe that what I wear and how I present myself to the world (and more importantly, to myself) can make all the difference in my mood.

Whether it's a black leather jacket makes you feel strong, bold, and tough, or a pair of heels that make you feel your sexiest self — dress for the way in which you want to feel, even if you're just at home or going to a low-key brunch with your girlfriends.

One piece in particular I find myself turning to when I want to feel a bit more lovely and confident is my rose gold Mini Aphrodite Necklace from Awe Inspired. Each necklace in their collection is inspired by a different goddess (like commanding Artemis, venomous Medusa, or the warrior Mulan), and you are even able to take their quiz and find your inner goddess if you'd like. The piece I have is simply stunning, truly complementing any look, but more so, it acts as a daily reminder to embrace all that the Greek goddess Aphrodite represents — passionate love, inner beauty, and unfaltering grace.



olivia rose.

Pisces. Poet. Traveler. Romantique.

Hopelessly addicted to all things beauty.

In love with making my life a work of art.

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