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a unisex fragrance that's eau so sensual, rich, and woody

KKW Fragrance's Body III is the temptingly sexy, modernly gender-neutral fragrance of your dreams.

Affordable luxury at its finest, this KKW Fragrance perfume comes in an extravagant keepsake box with thoughtful drawstrings, unveiling a unique grey bottle that is unmistakably statuesque. Featuring a cement-like texture and a bottle that replicates Kim Kardashian's curvy body, this fragrance is a true collectors item that doubles as modern art.

the scent

Opening with herbaceous, hazy lavender paired with a spiced black pepper note, there is a certain freshness felt at the very top of this perfume. Immediately, forbidden juiciness from juniper berry, smooth decadence from buttery orris, and mossy violet leaves expertly unfold on skin, with a depth and dimension that is simply intoxicating. Perfectly smoky incense swirls with the sweetness of delectable vanilla, as cedarwood and sandalwood create a complex signature that smells like an escape into the dark fantasy of nature.

the vibe




Body III is the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity, allowing its wearer to tap into those feelings of unbridled sensuality and insatiable desire. With dreamy herbs, unexpected florals, and an earthiness that is stunningly raw and real, this fragrance is perfect for those wild late nights, complementing leather jackets, jazz clubs, spontaneity, and moonlit rides on the back of a purring motorcycle.



olivia rose.

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Hopelessly addicted to all things beauty.

In love with making my life a work of art.

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