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fragrance for the modern marilyn monroe

Say hello to Chanel N°5's dreamy little sister...

a rich history

Once upon a time, when asked what Marilyn Monroe wears to bed, she coyly responded with her sultry, yet innocently breathy voice — "why, Chanel N°5, of course."

Gabrielle Coco Chanel's history is ever-inspiring, the simplicity of black in contrast with white is unquestionably timeless, and Marilyn Monroe's deep and genuine devotion to the classic N°5 fragrance makes me feel as if I could close my eyes, breathe in deeply, and step into the world of the woman who has been my muse for as long as I can remember.

As many of you may know, N°5 is one of the most well-known and frequently purchased fragrances of all time, sitting atop vanities since 1921. It is a powerful scent entirely unique to Chanel that's golden amber in color, but admittedly, is a bit of an acquired scent for many. As any collector of fragrance would admit, however, it is a must-have, even if you seldom wear it.

the new N°5

Inspired by l'eau (the French word for water), Chanel's N°5 L'Eau is presented as a sort of paradox.

Old, yet new.

Familiar, yet mysterious.

Rich, yet fresh.

Sexy, yet soft.

At first spritz, L'eau is subtle, yet deeply intoxicating. It is nostalgic, but feels so ethereal and new. With notes of classic rose and elegant jasmine, its heart has whispers of that signature essence Miss Monroe once loved, but is just as fresh as a cool shower in summer, and as airy as a château with sky-high ceilings and all-white decor. Youthful and refreshing, crisp lemon, bright orange, sunny ylang ylang, and clean cotton akin to fresh linen wash over you, as warm cedar adds a softness that's sultry, wrapping around bare skin.

In other words, if the original Chanel N°5 was meant for the mystery of night, L'eau was created for the awakening feeling of daytime.

Because L'Eau is an eau de toilette (meaning there is a lesser percentage of fragrance oil compared to a parfum), don't exactly expect it to be as powerful as the classic, and therefore, super long-lasting. While it does last the majority of the day, it becomes more of a whisper than a statement. At most, I have reapplied once throughout the day — which isn't too much of a burden, however, considering it makes my day all the sweeter when I pull that gorgeous glass bottle out of my purse.

just like Marilyn

For a bit of daily glamour and luxurious relaxation, I recommend taking a few tips from Marilyn herself...

Run a hot bath, sprinkle a few drops of L'Eau in the water, add a bath bomb if you'd like, perhaps treat yourself to a glass of champagne, and rest your eyes, imagining you are soaking in a romantic, airy loft in the heart of Paris.



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