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my dreamy, creamy vanilla matcha latte

... with a secret wellness ingredient — collagen.

As the sunlight pours into my space, warming winter skin and reminding me that spring is nearly ready to bloom, I can't help but feel that innate desire to radiate with self-care and self-loving. For me, that means luxurious face masks, walks in the countryside, daily journaling, more yoga, and indulging in creamy matcha lattes (with added wellness benefits).

As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I often replace my late afternoon brew with a matcha latte. While it does have a bit of caffeine for that workday pick-me-up, it also boasts added benefits — antioxidants, improved memory, as well as increased energy, to name a few. Not only that, but the beautiful green hue brings so much color and joy to my day.

the recipe

+ a few scoops of ceremonial grade powdered matcha

+ about a cup of milk, brought to a boil (I prefer unsweetened almond milk)

+ optional: a few drops of honey or agave for added sweetness

collagen queen

What makes this matcha recipe a total wellness powerhouse is the added collagen. With a single scoop (or even a half-scoop) of the finely-milled, cloud-like powder, you are not only sneaking a bit of protein into your diet (around 12g per serving, to be exact), but you are nourishing your skin and hair for that allover, internal glow. Dose & Co's formula is the best collagen I've ever tried, adding a full-bodied, indulgent creaminess to matcha lattes, blended iced coffees, and smoothies alike. Free from gluten and added sugars, the powder is housed in a plastic-free container, making your routine all the more sustainable and mindful.

Love you so matcha!



olivia rose.

Pisces. Poet. Traveler. Romantique.

Hopelessly addicted to all things beauty.

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