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i tried scarlett johansson's new skincare brand, the outset

Here are my initial thoughts on the conscious, clean product range.

From superhero to total skincare muse, Scarlett Johansson is an inspiration to myself (and countless others) — for more reasons than one. And while she is mostly a social media recluse, I was excited to follow her journey in some capacity as she launched her newest venture, The Outset.

As a 20-something who has most definitely noticed some changes in my skin over the last few years, I am always on the hunt for clean skincare that I can count on and that will actually nourish my complexion. I want something that feels decadent and luxurious on my (more sensitive) skin, has a brand purpose that isn't just skin-deep, looks all things gorgeous on my vanity, and perhaps most importantly, doesn't break the bank every single time I need a refill.

In taking a chance on ScarJo's brand, here's what I ended up ordering —

the first look

As soon as the products arrived, I was blown away by how thoughtfully designed and beautifully packaged my new skincare regime looked and felt in my hands. Housed in a stunning, weighty frosted glass with beautifully crisp (and totally recyclable) white caps, it doesn't feel as if they spared any expense in the process.

The entire range is completely vegan, cruelty-free, crafted with our environment in mind, and free of over 2,700 harmful ingredients, allowing me to feel safe supporting a brand that I know puts the consumer (and planet) first.

the formula

In my opinion, this fragrance-free cleanser is hands down the product that my routine will not be without — and is a total standout in the already-impressive collection. With a small amount of product, the formula lathers into a silky-smooth consistency that feels cooling, gentle, and soft on my complexion, and the antioxidant-rich ingredients both soothe and invigorate my senses. Whether you want to wake up feeling a bit more refreshed, or want to feel squeaky clean before bed, it's a total must that I can't recommend enough.

With 2 pumps of this serum, I'm able to completely coat my skin for a rejuvenated, bouncy feel. Packed with plumping collagen, soothing Mexican arnica flower extract, and vitamin-rich black quinoa extract, my skin definitely feels pampered after this often-skipped step. And while it's not as life-changing as the cleanser, I can see myself repurchasing this product once it runs out (or until I find something better to replace it).

Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, this moisturizer is a total miracle worker. For the first time in my life, I found myself dealing with more dryness than usual this winter — and after trying what seems like every trick and new product I could get my hands on (including the TikTok trend of 'slugging' my face at night with Aquaphor), this moisturizer slowly but surely did the trick. While I'm constantly testing new products as a beauty writer for Bustle (as well as here on my personal blog), I definitely am prone to switching my routine up ... but that being said, I know I have ride or die I can lean on if my skin is acting up.

the vibe

As a total marketing nerd who loves great storytelling, a sentiment that the brand has shared truly stuck with me when trying these products — and that's that they consider the range to be the plain white t-shirt of skincare.

In other words, it means that matter what's going on with your skin, you can always fall back on The Outset as a trusted staple in your regime (just like those plain tees in your closet that will never go out of style).

And after trying this exact routine for a few weeks, I'd have to agree.



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